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From Chinese massage to Shiatsu to Indian head massage, this lavishly illustrated “bible” presents all the techniques needed to master the basics. Every spread features large and easy-to-follow photos, while the text guides beginners on what pressure to exert, what part of the hand makes contact with the body, and exactly what to do—whether they’re feathering the back, working on the neck and scalp, or performing a sequence on the arms and hands. In addition to holistic and sports massages, there are suggestions for special situations (including massaging a baby); advice on massages to relieve common ailments; and lifestyle tips.

광명출장마사지 It is weird to have a book (as opposed to a video) about how to perform massages to yourself or to others... sometines, the description is not enough for me to understand how to performe it properly, which is frustrating. It is a beginner book: What is massage? The history of massage. The purpose of massage. Basic anatomy. Basic techniques. Intro to chinese massage. Intro to shiatsu. Intro to Indian head massage. How to use massage oil. How to treat common aliments with massage (headache, blocked sinus, dark circles, backhache, pms, aching feet, stiff neck, colds and flu, digestion problems, anxiety...). The book is pocket size, with quality glossy paper and 2 colored pictures on each page (400 pages, if you include the index). I would say it is a good introductory book. I don't know why I though it was going to be a full-sized book to leave on the boudoir table... not the case! The book won't stay open, so you can't performe a massage while guiding you with this book or the pictures provided

Good instructions for all the moves. Easy to find just the massage you need. I haven’t read it all through, just found the problems We’ve needed addressed so far. But the directions are easy to follow and relief has been provided.

광명출장마사지 Provides a lot of great pictures and simple explanations. This made a great addition to another book on massages that I purchased earlier. The explanations are simple, so you might not learn a lot of new things. However, it touches on almost every topic.

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