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Not sure why so many people were complaining about the photos- I thought they were very artsy. I don't know why it's a problem that they're from the 70s. Some of the massages described are really nice, not too hard to learn, and not what you'd automatically think to try. I do wish the DVD included the name of each technique shown, showed them in the same order they appear in the book (a page number would be an even nicer touch), and showed the proper amount of repetitions since it would be nicer to just let it play and not have to skip back or check the book with oily hands

This book is a true gem. It is a guide to any couple who wants to deepen their connection via sensual massage. It explains everything: from how to set the mood, how to prepare warm massage oil that will enhance the experience, to various massage techniques couples can apply on each other's body.

군포출장마사지 What makes this book unique is that author is daring. In addition to addressing the taboo of the importance of sexual intimacy that can be enhanced between the lovers by incorporating massage in their mind/body connection, author also incorporates interracial couples, which 40 years ago when the book was first created must have been a controversy. But the true beauty of the manual is the sensual pictures that depict many different couples practicing massage on each other. One thing is clear - they enjoy the sensual pleasure very much and they definitely enjoy each other and their bodies. They are completely absorbed into experience and they adore each other's touch.

Definite bonus of this manual and very colorful book is the DVDs that are enclosed in the latest edition. I think that every sex therapist should offer this book to any couple experiencing strain in their relationship. By simply implementing these techniques of love and undivided attention towards each other, couples can experience deep connection between each other.

The Art of Sensual Massage demystified the practice of massage and sold over one million copies. The book has remained a best-seller for more than 40 years. Now two brand new DVDs , one hour each, by Gordon Inkeles bring the book's sensual massage techniques to the screen. Sensual Massage Made Simple (2010) shows you what to do on every part of the body. Sensual Massage Master Strokes (2014) focuses on the most popular strokes movement by movement. In both DVDs rhythms and pressures are clearly shown, making learning sensual massage easier than ever before. The two 70 minute videos have won six awards at international film festivals.

Stroke by stroke you will move confidently from head to toes spreading pleasure everywhere you go.

군포출장마사지 Massage is educated touch. You will learn exactly what to do everywhere on the body. You ll knead from head to toes. You ll learn stroking movements that flow up and down the torso, spreading warmth. And you ll learn to ease pain by applying friction and percussion to weary muscles.

Massage is shared pleasure, it s drugless therapy and now for the first time it s easy to do. Watch a stroke on your screen, then try it for yourself. Make massage part of your life with the world's best selling massage book and these gorgeous companion videos

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