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The book arrived as scheduled if not a day earlier than said. The book I purchased rated as "good" and was good! All the pages were in tact, few bent as warned but not enough to bother me. The cover was still in really good condition.

시흥출장마사지 K, enough about looks...the materials contained in here is really thourough, they provide common conditions, how to assess/ identify symptoms and provide tx goals & plans followed by suggested hw for client. Love this book wordy and lengthy but necessary information!

I am surprised by the higher reviews, I find this book totally disorganized, repetitive, contradictory, hard to find information and really relevant for massage therapy since a lot of these things you would never do as a massage therapist.

I love this book. It is full of great information. I bought used on amazon and am sooo glad that I did! This book runs over $200 new, but I found it for under $80. It arrived in great shape. I recommend this to anyone that is interested in massage therapy.

시흥출장마사지 I loved this book so much I recommended it to my former massage therapy instructor. It is concise, complete, and well organized. I find myself referring back to it several times a month. Any massage therapist, whether they have been in practice for ten years or ten weeks, should have this book at their disposal!

Based on the material required for the 2,200-hour massage therapy curriculum in Ontario, Canada, plus additional conditions that have been seen in clinical practice. At 1178 pages, it is extensively researched (over 650 citations in the bibliography), with an index and over 300 illustrations. Therapists and reviewers have found the information readable and easily accessible. Why buy this book? Therapists and Students While few practitioners have only one book on their bookshelf, people have described this text as the ultimate one-stop reference guide for treatment. It covers not only the pathology and anatomy, but also the assessment protocols you need, plus actual treatment plans and client self-care tips for the 70 different conditions listed.

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