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This book is Tantric in nature as it focuses on techniques to help one release trauma and find pleasure via the yoni. It gives guidance if one wants to provide this skill to other as a Dakini or Daku. It's a good book to get for either path.

Hmm... sensitive subject? The concept, the idea, is brilliant.

양평출장마사지 Enjoyed reading this book. It was very informative on the subject of yoni massage. It does go into too much of history about where it comes from. A bit long.

In other words, the whole body does benefit from massage, especially when given with pure, loving, healing intent, asking for nothing in return, without any sexual projections. How often does that happen in the bedroom?

Why must we only focus on the shoulders? The back? Tension and past trauma is everywhere.

Touch can be healing.

It really changes the male perspective of the female and her body, and her boundaries, and sexuality to follow this practice as a respectful offering.

The presentation here is decent. Seems like an introductory book, but that's what is needed, I guess, to introduce us.

A tantric massage practice for awakening and enhancing women’s innate sensual, emotional, and spiritual energies

• Provides emotional healing by releasing traumatic memories stored in the yoni

• Includes exercises that use sexual energy to cleanse and stimulate the chakras

• Empowers women to draw strength and radiant vitality from the restored connection to their innermost core

양평출장마사지 “Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for the female genitalia, describing not only the anatomy but also encompassing the energetic and spiritual dimensions. While a yoni massage offers women the opportunity to enhance their sexuality, Michaela Riedl shows that the effects of this practice are much more profound and have ramifications affecting every area of life. Long held inhibitions in the West about sexuality and the shame and guilt associated with the sexual zones of the body have created deep-seated barriers that prevent individuals from fully expressing themselves. The practices provided in Yoni Massage are designed to allow women to overcome these barriers and reconnect to their innermost core and deepest feminine nature.

Yoni massage is not simply a hands-on technique but involves the conscious direction of energy throughout the body through deep breathing and visualization. It provides women the ability to cleanse and energetically stimulate the chakras as well as achieve emotional healing by releasing the traumatic pain that often becomes seated in the yoni. The author explains that the relegation of this important spiritual and energetic center to a “private part” hinders the process of enlightenment. Once women are able to be in touch with their yoni energy, their connection to the entire web of life is restored to its rightful place.

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