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Created specifically for massage therapy students, the Third Edition of Anatomy & Physiology: The Massage Connection elucidates anatomy and physiology with clear, concise language complemented by an extraordinary multilayer art program. Organized to cover each body system and align with current massage therapy curricula, topics have been streamlined so that those areas critical for massage therapy—such as the musculoskeletal system—receive special coverage, whereas excessive detail in areas not relevant for massage is omitted. This edition also delivers a host of review activities in addition to a blockbuster ancillary package of online tools and complementary resources.

평택출장마사지 Anatomy & Physiology: The Massage Connection is just that—the link between the science of medicine and the art of massage as well as a bridge for students to a successful career in massage therapy.

Whoever makes the decisions which book to use for my massage AP class must have NOT read this work. The information is scattered all over the book. paragraphs & ideas are incomplete. ie: page 90 The shoulder girdle. "Amazingly, the only joint b/t the pectoral girdle and the trunk is the one at which the clavicle articulates with the manubrium of the sternum; the scapula is held against the thorax muscle. This architecture allows for increased mobility but decreased strength". no mention in the paragraphs before or after that statement letting the reader know the author was talking about the sternoclavicular joint. It's not until page 114 where the SC joint is briefly mentioned. Page 51 figure 2.5. distributions of dermatomes- posterior view of digit 5 is incorrect. it is shown as a T-1 when it is C-8. I just started reading chapter 3- wonder what surprises I will find next.

There are So many good & accurate books on the market. This is not one of them

What a waste of my time & my hard earned money.

평택출장마사지 I got this book because it was the required text for my anatomy class in massage school. I thought I'd like it, but I'm going to sell it back and get the Trail Guide to the Body instead, as we don't use this book in class, much, but instead use it as a reference.

Several students have found problems and errors in the book already, including some pretty big ones that a regular editor should have caught (images are labeled incorrectly--for example one joint image is labeled with the wrong type of joint). Since I'm totally new to anatomy, this is disasterous--I just don't have the knowledge to know if what I'm reading is right or not, and I certainly need to be able to trust my textbook!

Also, I don't find it helpful for me. While I enjoy the illustrations, the written parts of the text have not helped me either memorize the muscles, nor have they given me given me a better understanding of the body that will help me become a better massage therapist. Mostly, I read the chapters and don't retain a lot, and we mostly don't use much of the info. in our class. We also use the Seig and Adams Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy, and while I'm not crazy about that book either (I find the drawings not as good as other book's illustrations), at

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